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About Clairvoyant Software Technologies Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself

Clairvoyant Software Technologies was established in the year 1999 with its business centre at India. Now the enterprise is registered as a limited liability company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

Clairvoyant was evolved with a corporate objective to "See the future, Today!" and not any later. Incorporated with an urge to emerge as a pungent and trusted source for rendering every expertise in the field of Information Technology, the company, has focused itself on the swift growth with no sacrifices on the quality of service or technology.

Over the years, the Clairvoyant has grown stronger and eloquent by ousting the fierce and stringent competition in its field and finding a permanent place in the industry. Achieving such high standards compelled engagement of quality technicians and harmonized management of the business.

Clairvoyant thus spearheads pulled out the best in the field to grow with its team of experts. Now the company is backed by tech with immense knowledge and valuable experience. Unlike the technocrats,managing the business needed no headhunts.The business affairs of the Company was, is and will be raised to staggering heights by the biz team lead by the juvenile Managing Director of the Company.

Clairvoyant is equipped with every peripherals and accessories for the tech team to quench its unending thirst for knowledge and to bring about a quality ware. Every code or program written by the tech team is only after a well thought upgrades itself out plan and a professional studyon the subject. The team constantly looks up and with the speedy growth in the industry. The team has been involved in various projects and products ranging from simple application to complex WML scripts.

Clairvoyant has earned name and fame amongst the public, prospective clients and the satisfied lot by delivering wares that brings efficiency and effectiveness in the business operations. The company's credibility and prompt attendance to the grievance of the customers has made thesuccess story going.The Company has everything you could ask for, be it intelligence, equipment or update of Technologies.

The tech team has developed an overwhelming range of products and projects. All products and program has been evolved with such caution and care to protect and favor the interest of our client. Every product developed at our Company are flexible and can be custom designed to suit the needs of the Client.

With enfolding Technologies and Operations Clairvoyant has developed a Education Resource Management system to cover-up the operations irrespective of the size of Education institution to make it a Paperless Institution. The solution is suitable from Schools to Universities and has been implemented in many institutions.

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